Sobha Sentosa Floor Plan

Prestige Meridian Park

A sprawling 7.5-acre residential enclave on Panathur main road in Bangalore’s east zone, Sobha Sentosa is an elegant apartment complex. Located in peaceful, calm, and aesthetically pleasing surroundings, this apartment enclave will provide residents with a wide range of creature comforts and a wide range of creature comforts. A masterpiece of design, Sobha Sentosa will be built utilizing the most advanced technologies and materials available on the market today. A total of 537 sophisticated apartment units will be built in this residential development project. Apartments will range from one-bedroom units to three-bedroom units with office space. Ample ventilation, aeration, and space were considered when designing Sobha Sentosa apartment units. One-bedroom apartments will range from 689 to 694 square feet, including a living area, dining area, kitchen area, one-bedroom, and bathroom. These well-designed units are ideal for individuals or couples looking for their first home. Three-bedroom and three-bedroom office apartment units are designed to accommodate large families and provide privacy for every member. There are three bedrooms in a three-bedroom unit, and each unit has a kitchen, a living and dining area, a balcony, and one bedroom with a bath. Two other bedrooms and bathrooms are located in this unit. The three-bedroom with office apartment units have two bathrooms and two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a utility room. There will also be a home office in this unit. Work-from-home cultures today require a lot of space, so this unit has been specially designed to meet your needs. Amidst verdant and aesthetically superior surroundings, Sobha Sentosa offers apartment units that are the epitome of refinement and high style. Every individual living in the enclave will experience peace, joy, calmness, and pride in knowing their needs are met at the highest level.

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